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Songle Screen Shots

Browse through some screen shots of Songle to get an idea of the cool functionality available to you once you sign up.

Sign up is free and only necessary so we can look after your songs and setlists and keep them safe.

Setlist and song management made easy.

Online Lyrics and Chords

Enter the lyrics and chords to your latest song using the easy to use ChordPro format.

Add the key, duration, comments and performance notes for each band member using Songle's unique add ons.

Configure your layout for great looking printouts. Show the chords at the top, left or right or hide them. You choose.

Setlist management

Create setlists of your songs for each style of gig you do.

Easily drop songs in and out of a setlist or change their order to suit the gig.

Let Songle workout the duration of each setlist for you.

Create great looking print outs and PDFs

Send your songs and setlists to your PDF printer and you can store them on your PDA and take them with you where ever you want.

Include all of your band or group members

Enter performance notes for each band member.

Easily send emails to your band members.

Everything in one place

Never lose a setup again. Everything is looked after for you, right here at Songle Central.

Collaborate with all members of your band

As the leader of your group, allow other members to administer or contribute to your setlists.

If you play in a band, sing in a choir or teach music, Songle is priceless. I use it everyday.

Neil Dewey, 2 4 Blues